Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates!

I've been pretty lame about keeping up with my blog posts. Mostly because I haven't really been doing much shopping. (Although I did pick up some sweet new dresses a few months ago, one of which is black long sleeve above the knee velvet covered in glitter!!) I've decided to focus my blog in another direction. On the Etsy descriptions of my bags, I don't really go into much detail about where I purchase items, and how I come to create the bags in the way I do. So, in every blog post I will pick one bag and really go into the details about what I was thinking when I was shopping, and how I came to putting the different fabrics together. Sound good? And, when I do score some amazing thrift clothes for my wardrobe, I'll be sure to talk about those too. But, hopefully this new theme of blogging will help me keep up with it a little better. xoxo Rach

ps: thanks to that HP printer commercial, that rollerskate song is going to be in my head forever!!!

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