Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Not New Year!

Ok, so here it goes, my first ever blog post. I've created this blog to document my journey of buying only second-hand clothes for the next year, with a couple of exceptions. Of course, I will be buying new undergarments! The jury is still out on shoes, I am kinda skeeved out by it, but might make an exception for an amazing pair! Also, I already have a million pairs of shoes, and don't really need anything new! The year-long project/blog seems slightly daunting, but I'm not committing myself to posting everyday. Otherwise, I might be committing myself! Will they let me craft in the institution?

Wow, there are a lot of exclamation points in that first paragraph. Perhaps I should not blog while drinking coffee.

I've been thrifting since high school (RED, WHITE, & BLUE!!!) but it's never been my only source of wardrobe. When I started making handbags a few years ago, I was using funny t-shirts as fabrics, and have continued that and expanded upon it. For many of my bags now, the only new fabrics I have purchased are the lining (for continuity) and the interfacing. Even though each and every one of my bags in unique, I use new purchased black satin for the linings for every bag.

My first amazing find is a one-piece leopard shorts jumpsuit. I am usually anti-shorts, but these are long and loose so I'm ok with it. Animal print is my absolute fave, but this is the first all leopard outfit I've owned. When I described it to my BFF she said it sounded a little scary. We'll see how it goes, if I don't end up wearing it, I can always source the fabric for bags!

ttyl, xoxo

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